The Team Role Academy

In our work and beyond, almost every major achievement is the result of good teamwork. Only in collaboration with others each of us can develop fully and make a meaningful contribution to society.

The Teamrol Academie (Team Role Academy) wants to be a meeting place for everyone with an interest in more pleasant and professional collaboration with others and in powerful teamwork. Central to our work are the Belbin methodology, the Belbin team roles and the Belbin philosophy.

Our mission is to develop and promote the professional use of Belbin’s Team Role Model by organizing and facilitating events, workshops, webinars and try-outs and by facilitating application-oriented research and publications aimed at knowledge building, knowledge exchange, collaboration and inspiration. The Teamrol Academy Foundation was established for this purpose in 2007.

Do you have any questions about this, do you have any tips or ideas or do you want to know more about Belbin? Let us know.

International collaborations
In our programs we have possibilities to host international guest speakers. If you are interested to share your story about the added value of the Belbin team roles and the way you implement them in your professional or private life, please contact us to discuss the possibilities via info@teamrolacademie.nl

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